Company President, Jerry Cook, founded Jerico Construction, Inc. in 1957 in response to a growing demand for agricultural and pre-engineered steel buildings. Since the early 1960s Jerico Construction has been a specialist in pre-engineered metal buildings.

The Company was incorporated in 1977 and began its association with Butler Manufacturing, the world’s premier manufacturer of pre-engineered steel buildings.

No matter what the scope of your project, large or small, fulfilling the customers requirements is always our priority.


Jerico Construction is a design-build general contractor that has been serving the central Michigan area since 1957, specializing in commercial and industrial building construction.
Though the history of Jerico Construction goes back to 1957, the fundamental values on which the company was built remain in force today. The Jerico Construction commitment to quality, integrity, dependability and diversity is the cornerstone of the company’s relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, lenders and community leaders. It is this commitment that is responsible for building the kind of solid, long lasting relationships that spell success on both the personal as well as professional levels. In short, as a general contractor Jerico Construction provides all the services necessary to see their clients dreams become a reality.


Jerico Construction began its association with Butler Manufacturing in 1980. Butler is the world’s premier manufacturer of pre-engineered building systems and 25-year roofing systems. Since Butler Manufacturing has consistently led the industry in product development, our association with Butler has given us the competitive edge we need. An industry leader in value and quality, Butler continues to move ahead through research and development as well as product innovation and manufacturing efficiency.